Latest Events
EuroCis 2012, Fair Düsseldorf
We are looking forward to meet you at the leading fair for retail technology.
SHOWTECH 2011, Fair Berlin
VISAPIX presents solutions at the 15. International specialized fair for Stage and Event technology.
Visit us in hanger 3, stand C15.
Digital Signage Expo 2011, Fair Essen
VISAPIX presents solutions for dwell time and eye contact tests in InstoreTV and Digital Signage, itemized in age and gender of the customer.
Visit us at stand 6D19.
CeBIT 2011, Hannover
VISAPIX presents their solutions for increase efficiency of service quality by retail.
With help of video based analyses, unstructured data becomes structured in implemented reports.

With special focus in Instore-Marketing and Digital Signage for customer frequency measurement.
To this VISAPIX is adding now:
- Evaluation of costumer gender and age
To answer questions like:
- How many men and women are visiting a store during the day?
- How is the composing of age?

We would be delighted to meet you there.
EuroShop, Messe Düsseldorf
VISAPIX presents its solutions to increase efficiency and service quality in retail. With a particular focus on how to measure the success of Instore TV or Digital Signage, of dwell time in sales areas and as well customer frequency. And now even measure frequency detailed by the age and gender of the customer entering the shop.

Visit us at our partner stands of Online Software (6 C78), Höltl (6 C44), POPAI Europe (5 D 04) or at the BDS Cube (3 E 36). We look forward to seeing you there.
EuroCIS 2010, Messe Düsseldorf
Visit us at the leading fair for IT and security in retail at our partner stands of Online-Software (stand D78), Teradata (stand E 29) or POPAI Europe Deutschland e. V. (stand D30).

Wincor World 2010, Paderborn
Vis-à-pix presents solutions for measuring eye contact in front of InstoreTV and Digital Signage.
The leading fair for IT and security in retail
"Smarter Solutions for Retail" - this is the motto with which IBM and Vis-à-pix will be presenting solutions to increase efficiency in the retail business. Live presentations of customer flow and dwell time analysis will be given, as well as the evaluation of digital signage.

Visit us on the IBM stand Hall 17, stand B18.

EuroCIS Exhibitor Forum
Thursday, 12. February, 12:30 - 13:00:
"Modern retail in railway stations: multimedia, technologies and security"
Axel Stephan, CSO Vis-à-pix and Joachim Wilke, ES Consulting
Retail Technology Summit, Berlin
Vis-à-pix partner DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH presents solutions to measure the impact of advertising.
The summit is organised by the National Retail Federation, the national trade organisation in the US, which at the same time is the largest retail organisation worldwide. Co-organiser is the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS).
German retail congress, Estrel Hotel Berlin
Exhibition and live-presentation of customer flow analysis and the measurement of advertising impact.
Fashion trade congress, Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf
Presentation in the session POS & Merchandising: "Are you attracting your customers? - Analysis of customer behaviour and marketing success at the PoS."
Energy management in retail
Energy costs are a decisive factor for retailers. Vis-à-pix solutions count the number of visitors and enable an automatic adjustment of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning adequate to the situation.
Visual Merchandising Symposium
"Are you attracting your customers? - Analysis of customer behaviour and marketing success at the PoS."
Engelbert vom Kolke presented the latest achievements in measuring the success of visual merchandising.
GDS International Event for Shoes and Accessories
Together with Ariston Informatik, MZ Consulting and SEAK Vis-à-pix presents solutions for retailers in the IT service sector on this exhibition.

Stand 7.C17
NEC Competence Day
Discussion about the advantages of videoanalysis-software for content management and the evaluation of POS marketing success.
Digital Signage Expo
The use of digital media for POS advertising enables a more direct address of the customer. But how can the success of such an activity be measured? Our presentation on Kiosk 2008 demonstrated how the Vis-à-pix video analysis software helps to assess the success of an instore marketing activity.
Euroshop Fair Trade, Düsseldorf, Booth 6A16
Enthusiastic visitors, experts from retail as well as with technological background, could be received in front of our screens at our stand. Particularly our solutions for tracking studies and the analysis of waiting times aroused interest in the competent visitors. Marketing representatives could experience in a live demo at our espresso bar how the dwell time of customers in front of a shelve, at the cash desk or in front of digital instore tools can be measured. Our Euroshop innovation: the face detection software, which will be implemented in order to evaluate the success of instore marketing tools, was acknowledged as groundbreaking contribution to instore market research. We look forward to the many exciting customer projects which we could win over at the Euroshop 2008.

25.02.2007, POPAI Forum presentation
CEO Engelbert vom Kolke gave a lecture about the possibilities to measure the success of your advertising activities via video analysis

27.02.2007, EuroCis presentation
CEO Engelbert vom Kolke and Marco Kirschberger, Peek&Cloppenburg, talked about the implementation of our products for measuring waiting times
Hotel Estrel Berlin - Hardware-store congress (BHB) 2007.
On booth F19 we demonstrated how a deeper understanding of your customers will help you winning the competition in the hardware-store business.
Maritim Hotel, Berlin - German Retail Conference.
On booth OG5 we presented our people counting and tracking solutions.
Fashion trade exhibition, Düsseldorf
On booth 18 you could get insight into our solutions for customer counting in retail
"parken" - Stand F18.
On booth 18 you could get insight into our solutions for customer counting in retail
Berlin - IT Profits
On May 30/31 our products were presented at SesamBB
ifsec Birmingham
Jointly with Telindus Surveillance Solutions, UK, we presented our products with a live demonstration
Berlin - SIMEDIA "Video surveillance / Video techniques"
Dr. Ivo Keller held the presentation "Intelligent Video Analysis - chances and restrictions today"
deGUT Deutsche Gründer- und UnternehmerTage
Vis-à-pix founder Dr. Ivo Keller was honoured on the "Walk of Fame".
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