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rt retail technology, 03.2010
Camera detects faces
(...) A directly installed camera, integrated under the screen, is able to detect faces and the related gender via a special software. The intelligent software displays thereupon, suitable to the detected gender; Image films or special Offers and shows those videos on the screen.
VISAPIX - Software is distinguished by EHI - Europe Award within the s.Oliver project
Within the EuroCIS 2010, a renowned Jury of the EHI Retail Institute rewarded the fashion label s.Oliver for their best costumer experience. This distinguished the brilliant digital signage concept of “Online Software AG” and “VISAPIX GmbH”. The European and US-American Jury of retail experts reward the digital PoS-advertising of sex related promotion clips...
TextilWirtschaft, 06/2009
ECE: Frequency in Focus
ECE is installing a new People Counting Software in more than 40 national and international Shopping Center. The Shopping Center developer and operator based in Hamburg is cooperating with the video analysis provider Vis-à-pix based in Potsdam. (...)
rt retail technology, 5/2008
Tuning staff employment
(...) Darré has decided to count visitors with the video analysis software from Vis-à-pix. The aim is to adapt staff employment to visitors, not only to buying customers. (...)
Professional System, 4/2008
Latest trends on the Digital Signage Expo
... Vis-à-pix presented its solutions to measure the impact of advertising of displays and kiosks ...
How many, where to, and how long?
"An intelligent 3D video analysis which precisely analyses space and situations - Vis-à-pix maks it possible. The products offer valuable insights about consumer behaviour."
Better than expected
"The Euroshop 2008 was a full success. (...) Vis-à-pix presented its intelligent 3D video analysis software which precisely analyses sales areas and shelf placements."
Highest precision via 3D-Technology
RT Retail Technology 02/2008
Knowing, what your customer perceives. Controlling of electronic displays
German Council Magazin Spring / Summer 2008
Counting passangers in public transport
After a successful testing phase, HADAG ferries use Vis-à-pix People Counter Software to analyse passanger flow.
Decreasing waiting times at the cash desk
Taking a look at your customer - without violating their pricvacy.
Lebensmittelzeitung, 22.02.2008
Measuring the success of POS advertising
Determining the reach of a promotional activity or digital signage is decisive when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of these measures.
POS-Manager, 15.02.2008
Is the customer taking the right direction?
Marketing responsibles use Vis-à-pix software in order to analyse customer behaviour in retail stores.
Absatzwirtschaft, 26.09.2007
Counting customers
People Counter automatically analyses customer flow, counts customers and analyses their paths.
Handelsjournal, 15.09.2007
The 50 most interesting founders
Wirtschaftswoche, 04.04.2007
A report about Vis-à-pix
"Ozon" at RBB, 14.02.2007
Interview and documentary about Vis-à-pix
"Nano" at 3-Sat, 13.12.2006
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