Retail Marketing
Driving Retail Efficiency
VISAPIX helps rapidly and continuously improve customer satisfaction in the retail business. The intelligent 3D video analysis of the innovation leader allows retail companies to systematically and sustainably increase their efficiency and to generate maximum turnover. VISAPIX Software Solutions - Driving Retail Efficiency.
People Counter Product Family
The VISAPIX People Counter product family provides a key tool to optimise retail efficiency. People Scout ®, People Focus® and People Attract provide essential data for a lasting optimisation of shop-organisation and Point of Sale marketing. VISAPIX products are available as stand-alone solutions or as a customised package. They are precise, reliable and scalable, no matter how many locations you want to serve, what size they are or what your specific needs are.
Retail Optimisation
Integrated Solutions
The data generated by VISAPIX is reliable and based on real-life figures and thus allows for a strategic planning of promotion activities and allocation of staff at the Point of Sale. The software automatically collects data and creates easy-to-read reports of consumer behaviour. Thus, in-store advertising, staff employment, product presentation and energy management can be adapted to changing conditions within short notice.

Retail optimisation is a service for the customer: a smooth adaptation of established concepts creates loyalty of existing customers, while addressing visitors in an improved way helps winning them over as customers. This is how VISAPIX integrated solutions help you maximise customer satisfaction.
People Focus Embedded
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