Staff Planning
Reducing Waiting Times for Customers
Long queues at cash desks or counters strain customers' nerves. At worst they lose patience and leave the store without having actually made a purchase. Waiting lines often occur due to rigid planning of staff employment or miscalculated employment of cash desk and sales personnel. VISAPIX People Scout® solutions detect crowds and forward relevant information about neuralgic points such as the checkout to the store management. Analysis and evaluation in real time make it possible to rapidly adjust staff employment to handle unforeseen visitor flow. Customers' patience is safe from being strained, while turnover increases.

Customer Flow
Visitor-oriented Employment of Staff
At entrances, exits or on aisles - every single visitor of your shop is counted. VISAPIX video-based solutions for measuring customer flow generate results of highest accuracy. Comparing the number of visitors with the number of purchases allows for determining the relation between visitors and customers as well as the conversion rate according to day and daytime. In contrast to conventional staff planning, this model considers visitors as well as customers and thereby decisively contributes to increase customer satisfaction.