Impact of Advertising
Content-Controlling for In-store-Marketing
Strategic planning of PoS marketing requires reliable knowledge of customer behaviour. The solution is Content Controlling for in-store marketing with VISAPIX People Focus ®, People Scout ® and People Attract. The measurement of attention, duration of stay, and the reach of a marketing activity as well as the definition of cost per mille are based on real-life figures, not only on statistical data as in conventional market research. A precisely tailored combination of the tools allows measuring the impact of advertising in real time. VISAPIX thus provides a quick and precise assessment of promotions and sales areas with results of highest significance.

Marketing Content
Interactive In-store-Marketing
In-store TV and Digital Signage have already brought the digital and interactive future of sales promotion to the PoS. VISAPIX integrated solutions help to fully tap the potential digital merchandising offers. People Attract® measures the viewer's attention span and gender. This makes it possible to adapt messages to the particular target group in real time. Customers are provided only with information that is relevant to them. Dispersion is minimised, while the Return on Advertising is maximised. VISAPIX makes interactive in-store marketing of tomorrow already feasible today.