Product Placement
Optimising Product Presentation
Presenting high-margin products prominently can increase retailers' profits. This is true for shelf-placements as well as for additional placements in promotional areas. People Scout® tracking studies visualise customer movements in sales areas and analyse the direction of movement of individuals or groups. Hot spots, highly frequented aisles and displays with low reach become visible. The analysis results help assess and improve product presentation. An adequate shop organisation becomes possible, which helps turning visitors into customers.
Energy Management
Cutting Energy Costs
Energy costs are a decisive factor in retail business. Sales rooms have to be ventilated, heating is necessary during winter and air-conditioning during summer. The number of visitors and visitor density affect temperatures and the quality of air. VISAPIX solutions collect this information and forward it to the building control department. On the basis of these data, ventilation, heating and air-conditioning can be adjusted before the air becomes unpleasant or temperatures change. In turn, customers' comfort is guaranteed; they are likely to spend more time in the store and make a purchase. This is smart and effective energy management which simultaneously serves customer satisfaction.